Sunday, August 24, 2008

Paper model of Wall-E

Two months ago, I have folded the Wall-E, designed by Brian Chan. Actually, the model was just a trial model as I made it from a printing paper. Therefore, the final model was not a good as I hope for.

Today, I completed a paper model of it which can be found here. The cutting process was started on Friday after work, but not consider "full-time" working on it as I was watching "Snowy Mountain Flying Fox" series. Wanted to finish it and watch other series =) During cutting, I tried to add-in more flaps for the model to stick together better. And also there was no other instructions on to fix the parts together, only have a "shadowy" blow-up view of the model. Therefore, I have mistakenly glued the eyes part shut without the neck portion connecting to it. So, I had to carefully peel-up the back portion of the eyes and sticked th neck to it.
Btw, I have also just watched Wall-E in cinema yesterday.
This is the only diagram instruction you will see in the file. I added the instruction for the neck.

Parts assembly in process
Completed model

There is another more complex Wall-E model can be found here which is hosted in

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