Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Origami money pond

Even since I made the koi from RM10, I have been thinking of making money lily pad as a compliment for the fish. After making the lily pad, then thought about the lotus flower that should be in the pond too. Therefore, here are the results =)
Koi fish , lotus on lotus, lily pads
The koi fish was designed by Won Park. The single lily pad was designed by Akira Yoshizawa, but I modified it to be folded with money and therefore double the pads. Finally, the unblossom lotus on a lotus flower partly designed by me. The lower lotus was a known model, but I wanted another lotus on the extra length of the money. However, I was unable create another distinctively separated lotus on the same piece. Then, why not create a stem with another flower running by the side of the first lotus. Actually, was thinking about making a flower, which was folded recently, on top. Although it will look nice, but it doesn't look lotus-ish =) So, I just made a sort of preliminary base as the unblossom flower.
It will be abit expensive to keep these money origami models. So, it will be turned back to its main purpose soon ^o^ But, the RM1 models can be kept until their are needed..haha..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Paper model of Wall-E

Two months ago, I have folded the Wall-E, designed by Brian Chan. Actually, the model was just a trial model as I made it from a printing paper. Therefore, the final model was not a good as I hope for.

Today, I completed a paper model of it which can be found here. The cutting process was started on Friday after work, but not consider "full-time" working on it as I was watching "Snowy Mountain Flying Fox" series. Wanted to finish it and watch other series =) During cutting, I tried to add-in more flaps for the model to stick together better. And also there was no other instructions on to fix the parts together, only have a "shadowy" blow-up view of the model. Therefore, I have mistakenly glued the eyes part shut without the neck portion connecting to it. So, I had to carefully peel-up the back portion of the eyes and sticked th neck to it.
Btw, I have also just watched Wall-E in cinema yesterday.
This is the only diagram instruction you will see in the file. I added the instruction for the neck.

Parts assembly in process
Completed model

There is another more complex Wall-E model can be found here which is hosted in

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One ringgit origami

I was in Border today and looking at some origami books. Then saw this book by John Montroll, titled "Dollar Bill Origami". Its interesting to fold using money as its the paper that always in your wallet, unless you only carry credit cards =) Below are some models from one ringgit note. As the one ringgit is shorter in lenght than the dollar, therefore some models don't look like the original design. You can look at the actual models here.
Eagle (The wings should be wider) 
      Flower (Minus the leave)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Using the left-overs of the black sugar paper (245x245mm), the songbird was "born". This design is in Robert J Lang's Origami Design Secrets, in the grafting section. As you can see, although not very clear, there were toes "added" to the feet of the bird. This will give the model a more realistic look and feel.
Most of the design will start of with a simple base and look. By applying techniques like grafting, tiling, circle packing and others, the design will become more complex and more life-like.

Some one from the internet asked for help on step 19 to 22, so I made a video on how to fold these steps. It was fun to capture the video from a webcam as you have to make sure the folds can be seen clearly while you are working on the steps.