Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home for WALL-E and EVE

Finally, a complete home for WALL-E and EVE. Actually, last year, I have made a plastic container for them but without a nice looking background. During the last weekend, I found a suitable background from the Guardian promotion catalog which was about to be dumped =)

Even the umbrella positions are matching for both of them. On the left side are the compacted rubbish cubes.

Top view: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle behind EVE

Refer to the making of WALL-E and EVE for details on the models.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Reverse engineering - Hearts

Hearts can have different meanings, depending how you look at it. Besides the "real" meaning, it can be caring, forgiving, encouraging, supporting and comforting. A friend passed some origami hearts for me to "reverse-engineer" them. So far, I have only completed two of them and will try to diagram the steps when I have more free time =)

The left is a crane and the right is a fish, both from a single square paper. The top are the original models.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kyubi no Kitsune : Nine-tailed fox

I have wanted to make a Kyubi no Kitsune (image) from Naruto anime for quite some time but seems to be unsuccessful as only crease pattern was provided. For the pass few weeks, I started folding the crease pattern (see below) provided by Kim Young Won. The darker lines are valley folds. As the crease pattern is incomplete, I have to figure out those missing folds so that it can be collapsed into a workable base.

I started with a 245x245mm tracing paper with 40x40 grid. After some tinkering with the folds, I finally got the base ready.

The base was really thick

The completed Nine-Tailed Fox

As you can see, the legs and paws were not done properly. Final shaping will take some time. Anyhow, I was satisfied with the results.
Fox with nine tails

Top-side view

Here is a better model of the Nine-tailed fox by Guspath Go but no diagrams or crease pattern were provided. The only info is from a forum stating that about 75% of the paper is used to make the tails.