Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is another model from the book "Work of Satoshi Kamiya". I folded the Orca from a 240x240mm square light blue color paper. The final result was very 3D-like.

This is the simplified crease pattern of the model.
This is the Orca that I folded from the step-by-step diagrams.
As you can see, the model was floating in the air. If you notice carefully, you can see a fish string attached to the fin. While the model was unable to stay still, I had a hard time photographing it. The above was one of the best shot that I took from about 20 photos with and without flash. I can hold the model still with my hand, but I don't want to edit the photo after that to remove the hand.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tree frog

A nice detailed tree frog model from "Origami Design Secret" by Robert J Lang. I folded it from a 260x260 mm square green color paper. The paper is abit thick and the color will fade away at the creases.

Tree frog

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Origami Post-it® Notes

While searching for some simple origami diagrams, I found an interesting article that a British company, SUCK UK, producing Sticky Note Pads has pre-printed with step by step folding instructions on its note that let anyone folds the used notes into 10 different models. There are diagrams for pig, butterfly, penguin, boat, crane, squirrel, jumping frog, swan, lily and even a water bomb.

Below is a video on making an origami squirrel with the sticky note.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Goldfish folded from a  150x150mm orange paper. The diagrams are from "Origami Sea Life" by John Montroll and Robert J. Lang. The eyes have a 3D round shape.

As the financial crisis is getting worst each day, gold is consider a safe haven for investors. Well, at least I can have a "gold"-fish for keeping =)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Snail on a leaf

Before continue to shape the android, I managed to fold something simple. It was a two objects from a single sheet of paper. The snail was folded from a piece of 150x150mm green color origami paper. The diagrams are from "Passion Origami" by Nicolas Terry.

One-armed Android girl

This is the continuation of the anime model from a 260x260 mm tracing paper. At first, I was just thinking of using blue-tack to hold the model in shape. Inside the head, a small ball of blue-tack was used. However, the body and feet need something thinner and stronger to hold the shape. Finally, I used aluminium foil pieces for the shaping. Overall, it turned out quite well, although still has some difficulty in interleaving the foil inside the model. The final model was about 120mm in height.
Shaping of the head from the android base
The completed One-armed android girl
Top-side view of the model
The back of the model with the foil in view
Modified fingers that looks better but the paper will become a bit thick