Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mini Dragon 2

This is another simple dragon model, by Jun Maekawa in the book "Viva!Origami", folded  from a 120x120 mm red color paper. The final model is about 80mm in lenght and looks better with legs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hatching penguin

This model is from Origami for Interpreters by Roman Diaz. Folded from 120x120mm red color paper. The model can be collapsed into an egg to hide the penguin inside.

Mini Dragon

This a simple dragon by Akira Yoshizawa in his Creative Origami book, folded from a 120x120 mm light green color paper.  I was motivated to fold this because one of the children who visited my origami demostration last week likes the complex dragon and I was unable to fold for him.
80 mm Dragon on a laptop
Comparing the nini dragon to the complex dragon

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This dinosaur model was folded from a 455x455 mm green foil paper, bought from Popular for RM1.20. The total folding time was about 3 hours and the final model was about 300mm from nose to tail. Using this paper, it was very shapable but the color will come out from the creases and folds as most color papers do. I like the mouth as it is the only model that has "real" teeth. The diagrams are in Origami Fantasy by Fumiaki Kawahata.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Origami display at Child Care Center

I was asked to setup a display of origami at a child care center, D'Monte for this Sunday. Some of the kids were quite interested in it and were able to learn up quickly on some simple models like frog and plane. I oso made jumping frog, crane, waterbomb, rat, bird, crab and flower for the kids. It was a fun and tired day dealing with small childrens. There were even some kids who asked me to fold the dragon and the dinosaurs on the spot. I told them politely that I didn't remember the steps and if remember also will need few hours to make them.
These were my most colorful models that I had made previously. Others were using just white paper or already became yellowish or faded color. I didn't know that I only have such small presentable collection. This makes me want to fold more good and presentable models for display next time. 
[Update: 16 Nov 2008]
Me, folding in action =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prancing horse

I have folded few pegasus and unicorn before but seldom fold real horse. So, here was the result of a nice posing horse from a 510x510mm brown color paper. The final model is about one third of the paper size. The diagram can be found in the Origami Tanteidan Convention 14 and designed by Quentin Trollip. The only difficult part as the author said was the open sink to form the mane. Well, the whole model will look nicer if the other side of the paper has another color. Then the mane and the tail will look distinctly contrast to the body color. 
Besides the mane, I like the forming of the eyes and the mouth on this horse. Both folds really bring out the real features of the horse.