Sunday, July 20, 2008

Foiled-back paper - Turtle

 I was trying to make a foiled back paper. Found some left-over aluminium foil from the kitchen and glued it on the black sugar paper, using the 60 cents glue =) I didn't expect any great results from there, but some of the corners just didn't stick well. Anyway, I tried re-glueing them and thinking about what to fold with this paper, which is 14x14cm. Something which is black in color, a bat perhaps. Suddenly thought about turlte that I saw during a hike to Pantai Kerachut. Great, just need to find some simple folds as the paper will become very thick. The choice would be the turtle by Akira Yoshizawa's design in his book Origami Museum-Animals. The results were good. The body and neck did became thick but still ok. And the legs can be shaped nicely.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Fantasy : Bahamut

Yesterday, I have finally completed the Bahumut model, folded using black sugar paper (52x52cm). This is not a good choice of paper as its tear-prone and thick. I can't find any better big black, double sided color paper in the stationary shops. I have also used a lot of tapes on the inside of the paper so that it won't tear apart with all the folds. There were additional folds on the head that I left out because the paper become too thick and it went out of shape. This includes the lower jaw, which was almost torn-out (can't notice it in the photo).


Before this, I have folded the same model using a smaller foil paper(37x37cm), but the results were not satisfying. Below was the model folded about a month ago. This paper also was tear-prone and need tapes to hold it.

To fold other complex models, I was using tracing paper which was very strong and thin, but only in gray color. I will fold this again using the tracing paper, although the effect will not be as good as the black model.