Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Origami money pond

Even since I made the koi from RM10, I have been thinking of making money lily pad as a compliment for the fish. After making the lily pad, then thought about the lotus flower that should be in the pond too. Therefore, here are the results =)
Koi fish , lotus on lotus, lily pads
The koi fish was designed by Won Park. The single lily pad was designed by Akira Yoshizawa, but I modified it to be folded with money and therefore double the pads. Finally, the unblossom lotus on a lotus flower partly designed by me. The lower lotus was a known model, but I wanted another lotus on the extra length of the money. However, I was unable create another distinctively separated lotus on the same piece. Then, why not create a stem with another flower running by the side of the first lotus. Actually, was thinking about making a flower, which was folded recently, on top. Although it will look nice, but it doesn't look lotus-ish =) So, I just made a sort of preliminary base as the unblossom flower.
It will be abit expensive to keep these money origami models. So, it will be turned back to its main purpose soon ^o^ But, the RM1 models can be kept until their are needed..haha..

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