Saturday, August 16, 2008

One ringgit origami

I was in Border today and looking at some origami books. Then saw this book by John Montroll, titled "Dollar Bill Origami". Its interesting to fold using money as its the paper that always in your wallet, unless you only carry credit cards =) Below are some models from one ringgit note. As the one ringgit is shorter in lenght than the dollar, therefore some models don't look like the original design. You can look at the actual models here.
Eagle (The wings should be wider) 
      Flower (Minus the leave)


  1. Its much cheaper than a "red" flower and this will look more "special" =)

  2. Anonymous4/3/16 10:50

    Hi Dash,
    Pls contact There is a group of folders that you might find interesting to meet.