Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kyubi no Kitsune : Nine-tailed fox

I have wanted to make a Kyubi no Kitsune (image) from Naruto anime for quite some time but seems to be unsuccessful as only crease pattern was provided. For the pass few weeks, I started folding the crease pattern (see below) provided by Kim Young Won. The darker lines are valley folds. As the crease pattern is incomplete, I have to figure out those missing folds so that it can be collapsed into a workable base.

I started with a 245x245mm tracing paper with 40x40 grid. After some tinkering with the folds, I finally got the base ready.

The base was really thick

The completed Nine-Tailed Fox

As you can see, the legs and paws were not done properly. Final shaping will take some time. Anyhow, I was satisfied with the results.
Fox with nine tails

Top-side view

Here is a better model of the Nine-tailed fox by Guspath Go but no diagrams or crease pattern were provided. The only info is from a forum stating that about 75% of the paper is used to make the tails. 


  1. Fainted after look at the crease pattern :p

  2. This crease pattern is consider medium level. Only has horizontal, vertical and 45deg lines. There are even harder ones which I dare not try =D

  3. Anonymous3/11/09 13:00

    i dont under stand diagrams

  4. Dear Anonymous, Diagrams should be easier to follow than crease patterns. You should start from simple diagrams which consists of valley and mountain folds only. Try this http://www.origami-club.com/en/

  5. I FOLD IT thanks for the CP

  6. Anonymous14/3/10 11:36

    thats confusing

  7. god this is hard

  8. If you think this is hard, try folding the Ryujin 3.5