Saturday, May 9, 2009

Napkin Folding #2

With a the photo provided by the link below, I managed to "reverse-engineer" (a geek's term) it with some similar fold =)

Link : 

Here is what I have folded, using a real napkin. But the napkin is not square shape, so it was not that symmetrical.

More napkin folds will be coming soon on this blog...


  1. managed to reverse engineer.
    Where did you get the napkin?
    You bought it?

  2. I "got" it from one of the dinner at a restaurant =) If you notice properly, there was a slight lipstick mark on the right side on the napkin =D

  3. homecookedrecipe, thanks for the encouragement =)You have a very "deliciously" and "appetizing" blog.