Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Chocolate" Baby

Yesterday, my friend asked me if I can fold a Jack-Jack origami model. Jack-Jack is the baby from the movie "The Incredibles" and he just looks like a normal baby except when he wears the mask and with his spiky hair.


After having a thought how to fold just the head of Jack-Jack, I recalled diagrams for baby. This baby model is from Robert J. Lang's "Origami Design Secrets", folded from 125x125mm brown color baby. The final model is about 55mm height. Ops..I missed out a fold at his diapers =)

[Update] Due to popular request, I managed to get some spiky hair at the top, but the head is not 3-D anymore. As for the mask, I had to use additional paper for that =) And I fixed the "diapers". However, still missing his ears..


  1. I do not know Jack-Jack. Very outdated. :p
    But where are the mask and spiky hair?

  2. put on the mask and spike hair :)

  3. soo sean: Guess you are not that into cartoons =) When he becomes the superhero, then only he will have the spiky hair and mask =)

    mk: One spiky hair..checked..mask..checked..