Monday, November 2, 2009

Origami Display at D'Monte Childcare Center Open Day

This year, 31 Oct 2009, once again, I displayed my origami art at my sister's childcare center. I brought most of my origami models this time as have 3 tables to use. However, there were much  less visitors as the Open  Day was on Saturday. Only 4-5 children visited my booth. I didn't even manage to teach any of the children to fold >< One was interested, but she wanted to fold all the difficult models.

While waiting for visitors, I folded some napkin models from a book that was given by a friend who bought it from China. 

Three types of shirt folds

Double candle



  1. Some of your models might be too difficult for kids. I just know how to fold the normal "sampan" and then we go to the river, and the kids are happy with it.

  2. All the models are for display only, of course not going to teach the kids. There were other simple models like frog and plane that I was teaching the kids, but they don't want to learn.

  3. Anonymous17/8/11 21:08

    Hmmm....mb one day my kid can learn from you KY!