Monday, August 31, 2009

Grasshopper from palm leaf

Few days ago, my sister asked me if I know how to make a grasshopper from leaf. Well, we have seen people selling these leaf grasshopper at some markets or at tourist attraction places and wandering how it was made. So, I tried my hand on this model after finding some palm leaves around my apartment area but got lots of mosquito bites as it was dawn dusk >< Below is the model that I made

This is the video link of making the grasshopper from coconut/palm leaves that I followed. 

[10 Sep 2009] Updated with another 2 more leaf grasshoppers. The bigger one was using a harder leaf where it antennas were not that flexible. The back left grasshopper was the first model.


  1. Looks alive! So you can earn a living with it? selling it at Kek Lok Si? :)

  2. If I can sell for 200 insects a day for RM1/pc, then I can make a living =P Any bulk orders?

  3. So cute! thanks for sharing.