Sunday, February 22, 2009

Napkin Folding

Today, I was in Borders just browsing around, readung on George Soro's comic,  the recent financial panic and even a "manual" for the bridegroom. Suddenly saw this book placed at the side of a table near the children's corner at the back. Origami napkins, are mostly simple and yet elegant in display, especially during special events like weddings. As the book is on "Sale", I didn't think twice about buying it. At RM24.90 for 1100 colorful photographs of napkins and 150 ideas, plus history and etiquette on napkin, who can resist =)  This will prove useful when it is needed during special occasions. 

The Practical Guide to Napkins and Napkin Folding by Rick Beech


  1. Looking forward to learn some simple napkin folding from you. :)

  2. Need to buy some nice looking napkins then only can be more presentable =) But will try it with some normal cloth first.

  3. Anonymous17/8/11 22:00

    Nice! I'm interested to learn as well...