Sunday, January 18, 2009

May you make lots of Moo-ney this coming Chinese New Year !

Moo-ooo...There is an Australian slang called "Wait till the cows come home".  I guess you may have heard this phrase in some movies. The meaning is to wait for all day.

This is a very nice cow, with different spots on each side, together with horns and ears, even the udder. The model is designed by Noboru Miyajima and diagrammed in Origami Tanteidan Convention Book 5. I folded it with 250x250mm black color paper.


  1. I want red color cow.... :p

  2. Red color? You want a cow covers with blood all over its body? So cruel...

  3. Haha...not in my mind.
    It is from the heart's overflow that the mouth speaks.
    You are the cruel one!

  4. Is it a Chinese saying? I can't understand =) Fyi, I don't take beef..