Sunday, December 28, 2008

Models from Tanteidan Convention

Last weekend, after finish folding the Bahamut, I started to fold some models from the Origami Tanteidan Convention books (OTC) published by Japan Origami Academic Society. All models are folded from one piece of square paper size 120x120mm.

Twin Pandas by Katsuhisa Yamada in Origami Tanteidan Convention 2
I modified the panda's eyes, so that the black area is be smaller and looks better. Anyway, the model looks like in a "compromising" position =)
Wizard by Hojyo Takashi in Origami Tanteidan Convention 2
As the diagram didn't state which paper side should start, the model ended up  opposite of what I want. Anyway, it doesn't look that bad. I did the color change on the beard.
Goldfish type square by Seishi Kasumi in Origami Tanteidan Convention 14
Bear 2 by Jared Needle in Origami Tanteidan Convention 14
I like the detail face of the bear, with nose, eyes and lower jaw.


  1. I like the orange one and the red one.

  2. Thanks. Both have the 3D look. Next time will use other colors to fold.

  3. It's always nice to see someone fold my designs. Thanks for posting your bear photo!


  4. Thanks Jared for the great bear design.