Sunday, November 9, 2008

Origami display at Child Care Center

I was asked to setup a display of origami at a child care center, D'Monte for this Sunday. Some of the kids were quite interested in it and were able to learn up quickly on some simple models like frog and plane. I oso made jumping frog, crane, waterbomb, rat, bird, crab and flower for the kids. It was a fun and tired day dealing with small childrens. There were even some kids who asked me to fold the dragon and the dinosaurs on the spot. I told them politely that I didn't remember the steps and if remember also will need few hours to make them.
These were my most colorful models that I had made previously. Others were using just white paper or already became yellowish or faded color. I didn't know that I only have such small presentable collection. This makes me want to fold more good and presentable models for display next time. 
[Update: 16 Nov 2008]
Me, folding in action =)


  1. I should have dropped by and visit your counter. :) Must be very interesting dealing with kids cos they will ask funny questions.

  2. They didn't ask much funny questions but demand alot as the want me to fold every models. They also want to take back some of the models that I was displaying, similar to shopping for toys =) Actually, I "lost" a mouse model (in the 2nd photo) to a kid..