Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anime models

Below are models designed by Hideo Komatsu. Currently, I'm working on the one-armed android model (actual model), and therefore need to do some testing first. I'm using a 100x100mm notepad paper for the test folds.
Anime head, from original crease pattern, with 8x8 grid
I did some modification for the hair
Another body and head model. The paper was abit small as it uses 16x16 grid
The hand was quite difficult to shape
I started with a paper size of 240x240mm and making a 36x36 grid. With mathematical folding, I divided the paper to 3x3 and then 9x9, and finally 36x36. After long hours and days of precreasing and collapsing the grid, the android base was completed.
 Completed base. Head is on the left, and the feet on the right side.
 The back of the android base. The protruding part is the hand.
Now, the hardest part are shaping and holding up the shape. I'm still thinking of how to hold the shape in place as its not a foil-backed paper. This may take a long while before the final model is completed =)


  1. So complicated? Hehe...

  2. It's like decoding a piece of puzzle =) As there is no actual diagram of the folds, only the final results from photo, it will much depends on the skills and creativity of the folder.