Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Fantasy : Bahamut

Yesterday, I have finally completed the Bahumut model, folded using black sugar paper (52x52cm). This is not a good choice of paper as its tear-prone and thick. I can't find any better big black, double sided color paper in the stationary shops. I have also used a lot of tapes on the inside of the paper so that it won't tear apart with all the folds. There were additional folds on the head that I left out because the paper become too thick and it went out of shape. This includes the lower jaw, which was almost torn-out (can't notice it in the photo).


Before this, I have folded the same model using a smaller foil paper(37x37cm), but the results were not satisfying. Below was the model folded about a month ago. This paper also was tear-prone and need tapes to hold it.

To fold other complex models, I was using tracing paper which was very strong and thin, but only in gray color. I will fold this again using the tracing paper, although the effect will not be as good as the black model.

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